Institute of Scientific Computing

Institute of Scientific Computing

Today, the methods of scientific computations are being increasingly applied in a wide range of fields, both in the scientific and industrial sectors. This field is gradually becoming an independent discipline, and we wanted to respond to this trend by establishing our Institute.

Our goal is to promote methodological collaboration among researchers working in various areas of natural and social sciences who employ intensive computations. Whether it's sociology, physics, economics, data mining, quantum informatics, robotics, stock market process analysis, game theory, or even the scientifically supported rehabilitation of spinal cord injured and paralyzed patients, we aim to facilitate these collaborations through the tools of scientific computations.

We are working to help researchers, students, and teachers better understand these crucial methods and to encourage innovation and development in both fundamental and applied research.


Our institute engages in various activities to support researchers, experts, and curious students who utilize the methods of scientific computations.

Our aim is to promote dialogue among researchers and the establishment of professional and personal connections. Our mission is to bring together professionals who employ the methods of scientific computations in their work or contribute to the innovations in this field...


Our institute will host its first conference in Budapest on November 7-8, 2023, with the aim of bringing together researchers from various fields of science who contribute to their own disciplines using the tools of computer science, simulation, data science, and artificial intelligence.

We welcome mathematicians, physicists, chemists, sociologists, and economists who would like to share their exciting research findings with the professional community...